Friday, March 1, 2019

Install JMeter on macOS and configure a SOAP WebService Test Plan using HTTPS


Installation steps

  • Install JMeter by running Terminal command: brew install jmeter
  • Test the install by running command jmeter -h
  • To run the app just type jmeter in Terminal

Additional configuration steps

Use a client-side certificate

  • Prepare a Java KeyStore file. Example command to create a jks file:
  • Cd to /usr/local/Cellar/jmeter/3.1/libexec/bin/ and open the file.
  • Go to your JMeter directory and open your file. In there, uncomment the following lines, and change the file to match your values:

Create a Test Plan

We're going to create a SOAP WebService Test Plan from a template
  • Go to File / Templates and select the SOAP WebService Test Plan test plan. In the editor steps will be loaded
  • Click on HTTP Request Defaults. In Server Name or IP field fill in the hostname or IP address
  • Click on Soap Request (child of Number of Users step)
    • Protocol: https
    • Server Name or IP: hostname or IP address
    • Port Number: 443
    • Method: POST
    • Path: path or the URL. like /resource/123/v1
    • Body data tab: full SOAP request XML message
  • Click on HTTP Header Manager and create a SOAPAction header if applicable
  • Add step View Results Tree and configure in order to see the response message after starting the test. 
  • Done!