Saturday, November 10, 2012

Read: Measuring SOA Complexity

It's imperative using structured programming constructs while designing SOA/EAI process flows in graphical modeling tools like TIBCO BusinessWorks Designer.
"Most SOA developers, today, struggle with process complexity. They write impeccable, highly-structured Java or C# code, but their processes tend to branch out and meander in every possible direction. They would never dream of embedding an if-then inside a for loop inside a while loop inside of a catch inside a do-while in Java, but they are quick to bury, deep in an SOA process, a pick inside a sequence inside a flow inside of switch inside a scope. Their processes are often far too complex.

On the other hand, when they review each others' processes, they know intuitively what 'too complex' means. Process (b) in the following figure, for example, appears much more complex than Process (c), because it has far too many arrows and is difficult to navigate. Process (c) looks tidier and more structured by comparison. Process (a) is harder to judge. Although it is well-structured and easy to navigate, it is also absurdly long; having so many steps in a sequence is poor design."


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